he tells me he is addicted;

to the sun, the earth and my

I don’t understand why anyone
would ever stop loving you,
he says.

I don’t know why they would
ever start, I reply.

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I’m late for work again and
I still miss you.

I got caught in the rain and
I remember how we use to
fight for the umbrella; now it’s
just mine, but I don’t use it.

London is grey, and my clothes
are damp. So is my heart, so
are my shoes.

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5am is when I think of you most,

when there’s no one around to tell
me that you are a phantom that
I must not love.

I think once I thought we were
an ocean, a masterpiece; I thought
that perhaps, we were unstoppable.

5am is when I wake up to vomit,
because my body is still rejecting you,
my heart is still flushing you out.

darling, you’ve got to go now.

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i don’t know who i am.

darling, i’m putting out an 
emergency call and i hope 
you can hear this heart 
screaming for air. 

i’m craving your touch
and hoping that you can bring 
me back to earth, can you? 
can you help me, dearest? 

i’m tumbling down a road filled 
with dreams half conceived and 
desires never quite fulfilled; 
hold me and heal me, please. 

i don’t know who i am, and i can’t 
last forever in this free fall, 
so sunshine, won’t you hold me?

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dear jacque, 

it’s been a while again and i’m sorry that i can’t. i’m sorry that i won’t. it’s been two years jacque and i don’t really remember your face any more, just the ocean in your mothers eyes, when i came back and you were gone. just her quivering hands and she held my shoulders and shook, before i saw a mountain collapse at my feet. you had eyes the colour of spring, but i can’t find your face in my memory. 

it’s been forever jacque, you were fragile when i found you and no amount of stories could’ve brought you back to life. i knew how to sing you a happy ending, but we all stopped believing in god when he took yours. you promised that you were going to change the world, that you were going to set the world alight and everyone would know your name. i’m so sorry that you died a boy when you had the dreams of a man. 

i never learnt how to say goodbye to you jacque, maybe because i always said goodnight and now it’s more than au revoir mon amie. the world was waiting for you jacque, i’m so sorry that you never got your time to shine. 

je suis tellement désolé que les étoiles ne pouvaient pas briller pour vous, mais nous vous manque encore.


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who taught you how to feel, 
because they forgot to tell you 
to open your heart and your 
eyes, so your hands could 
search for love in another’s chest.

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one hundred weeks or seven hundred
and thirty six days ago, you first said you 
loved me and i laughed. 

it’s a warm Sunday night, summer is 
coming and i cannot remember why 
i would love you, when you’re so 

soluble and i cannot bear to think
of having a love so diluted.  

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water these arms so they can
grow strong and live without
you. how many ways are there
to say I’m better without you?

I’m moving across the world
where this heart will set down
roots and strengthen.

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I remember you,

your soft eyes and warm
smile. I remember you
and the times we sat in the
library talking about the
lines across london.

how funny to find you here,
how funny after over two
years to find you again.

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I dreamt the world was burning
and you were there,

you held my hand as we watched
cities melt like towns made of

you said that if this was the last
thing that you’d see, then you
were glad we were together,

then you were glad I was there.

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